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Sex toys are an important part of intimate life. They help to diversify sexual intercourse and get much more vivid sensations than during standard sex. Today, anal sex toys are gaining more and more popularity. And there are several reasons for this.

  • Anal sex ceases to be a taboo, it has become one of the most common ways to obtain sexual pleasure.
  • Toys for anal sex are becoming more sophisticated and interesting year by year. The time of standard dildos and vibrators has passed, and everyone can choose an anal toy to suit their feelings and addictions.
  • With such toys, you can spend time both in the company of your partner and indulge yourself in pleasure.
  • Anal sex is a godsend for regular partners who are tired of standard vaginal and oral sex and toys help to get satisfaction easier.

And if you look at the selection of anal toys in the online store YouLove Toys, you will definitely understand why fans of passionate sex and anal penetration love them so much. 

Anal Toys for Men and Women What Are They?

Under the name of anal toys, there is a lot of interesting things that can be used both for men and women. Let's consider the most popular ones presented in our catalog! First of all, what are anal toys created for? Of course, for stimulation of the anal area, which is no less rich in nerve endings than the vagina or penis area in men. Therefore, the impact on this area and the correct penetration of toys into the anus can lead to bright explosive orgasms in both sexes. And do not think that anal toys for men are suitable only for those who prefer a partner of the same sex. Heterosexual men can get just as much pleasure from anus massage or prostate massage!

What Can Anal Toys Be Used for?

  • First, anal sex products can be used for foreplay before anal sex. Before the direct insertion of the penis, it is necessary to relax and develop the muscles of the anus, otherwise, sex can be painful and even injure one of the partners.
  • Secondly, an anal toy can be used during vaginal sex to increase the girth of the penis. If the walls of the vagina have lost their elasticity, for example, after childbirth, then using the anal plug, you can expand the anus, thereby reducing the volume of the vagina, making the girth of the penis stronger, and sex, therefore, more pleasant.
  • Thirdly, anus stimulants can be used for masturbation, stimulation without anal sex, for pegging - a type of sex when a woman penetrates a man with strapons or dildos, which can be called anal stimulators.
  • Fourthly, some toys - anal beads - can prolong and make a woman's orgasm stronger. To do this, during its onset, remove the chain from the anus - slowly or quickly - at your discretion.

Therefore, if you have not tried this method of delivering and having sexual pleasure yet, it's time to do it! And our store will help you choose the best types of anal toys for you and your partner.

What Type of Anal Toy to Choose?

The answer to that question depends on your taste, specifics of your body and your experience. If you are just entering the world of anal sex pleasure it would not be a good idea to choose huge anal toys due to physiology. But if you have already tried different vibrators or anal probes, such a toy can lead to heavenly orgasmic feelings. 

So, to start with, you can choose from:

  • Realistic dildos or vibrators;
  • Anal plugs or probes;
  • Strapons;
  • Anal beads;
  • Combo vibrators for anal and vaginal penetration;
  • Devices for a couple with two or more scions to get pleasure at one time.

Do not forget about safety! Anal sex could lead to trauma without control. It is necessary to use different lubricants created especially for anal stimulation. They could be with relaxing components or adapted for different kinds of materials anal sex toys made of. Also, it is useful to choose waterproof items if you like to play sex games in the bath or under the shower jets. And do not forget to wash your anal toys thoroughly after use.

If you want to choose the best anal toy for your pleasure, you are welcome to our web store. We are glad to present toys for anal sex by reliable manufacturers with quality certificates. We offer top anal toys and always seek for the most challenging devices to make your sex unforgettable. And do not forget about pricing! In our store, you will be amazed by our anal toys prices. Just choose one and you’ll definitely want to continue pleasure with others!